Yusuke Maeda

"Traditional, Formal but Provocative"

Yusuke Maeda was born into a family that manufactures kimono obi belts in a region known for traditional Japanese wear production.

His journey in craftsmanship began with the question of why the traditional Japanese attire is invariably limited to one specific style.

Since the founding of the label, he has aimed to break away from traditional concepts, combining reconstruction and artisan techniques, and carrying out craftsmanship with the "unbounded" concept.

About design

Yusuke Maeda emphasizes the combination of traditional design structures with modern colors and details.


Traditional design structures consist of two elements: the composition of classical patterns, such as those found on kimonos and obi belts, and the design of kimonos that align with contemporary lifestyles. These two elements, rooted in the region where Nishijin-ori originated, form the core of his design. Over time, he incorporates emerging trends and elements of various cultures, creating a uniquely Japanese "subtractive aesthetics."


Year 2000
Born in and raised in Kyoto.

Year 2020
Winner of business contest held by Kyoto Shinkin Bank.

Year 2020
Established N’s 1182.

Year 2021
Participated in ACCELERATE MEMBERSHIP across 10 Asia countries.

Year 2022
Achieved funding by crowdfunding.

Year 2022
Exhibited Yusuke’s work collections.

Year 2022
Winner of “The Future of Kyoto Award” organized by Kyoto city.

Year 2022
Winner of “Nishijin Design Grand Prix” co-hosted by Nishijin Textile Industry Association and Kyoto City.

Year 2022
1st Runner-up of “KYOMONO YOUTH COMPETITION” co-hosted by Kyoto Industrial Promotion Center Corp.