"Embracing the Constant of Transformation"

In an era where technology advances by leaps and bounds, colossal varieties of new materials and machinery are being born every moment. However, in the region of Nishijin in Kyoto where kimono fabrics and obi (kimono sashes) paraded the streets, master artisans continue to uphold timeless handcrafted beauty and craftsmanship using traditional techniques. N's 1182 conveys this beauty and warmth of intricate analog creations, recognizing it as something “uniquely human”, striving to grow as a unique label sharing the same values with everyone.


“Coexistence of elegance and aggression, harmonizing polarities.”

Nishijin-ori, is a pre-dyed woven fabric produced in Kyoto's Nishijin region, known for multi-variety and small-batch production. It is a traditional woven fabric that has pillared Japan's distinctive fashion and apparel culture throughout its long history. With that, Nishijin-ori has established its unique style and design.

N’s 1182 creates a design concept that disrupts traditional compositions and forms by merging various modern cultures with traditional artisan techniques. In Nishijin-ori designs, patterns are expressed through the elaborate organization of warp and weft threads. Upholding the philosophy of "transcending the realm of materials," N’s1182 focuses on fabric creation, aiming to create a sculptural texture.

Craftsmanship at N's1182

N’s 1182 specializes in products using Nishijin-ori as its founding principle, a pre-dyed woven fabric uniquely characterized by multi-varietal and small-batch production.

Using the fabric exclusively used to create obi, a wide sash or belt worn in Japan to secure the kimono since the ancient days, N’s 1182 creates an exquisite and thought-provoking range of apparels and accessories. Due to the narrow width of the fabric of approximately 31 centimeters, there are much limitations to be overcome in the creative process. Despite the challenges, the label's philosophy is securely centered on breaking new grounds and discovering new possibilities to create design diversity.


About the Nishijin-ori fabric

Traditionally, the Nishijin-ori fabric is not scissored in the making of the obi as woven fabrics are prone to fraying if it is subjected to that. To use the fabric for N’s 1182’s designs, a special finishing is being done on all scissored edges before master artisans tailor each piece of fabric together into durable and high-quality products with utmost care and excellence.

Is craftsmanship old?

Commitment to Traditional Nishijin-ori Weaving

With the aim of promoting Nishijin-ori to the world as a part of Japan's cultural fashion, the label not only uses Nishijin-ori but also incorporates historical background and lifestyle having elements into the designs. It is a new traditional industry “reborn”, committed to passing on Japan's unique "beauty" beyond a hundred years to the future.

Formation of N's 1182

The concept of "connections" or "destiny" are highly valued right from the formation of the label. Collaborating with master artisans, N’s 1182 continues to grow using Nishijin-ori as the cornerstone of inspiration, creating designs with comfort and style as the key elements.

We cherish everything borne of the dedication and devotion of craftsmen. We aim to pass them down to future generations by using these products with care. Furthermore, by focusing on social issues and “Sustainable Development Goals”, we strive to realize the inheritance and revitalization of the rich Japanese history and culture.